Documentation Matters

Documentation Matters was added to NLCSW's complement of Practice Resources in September 2019.  Developed by NLCSW's Ethics Committee,  this resource offers documentation tips to social workers in a short and concise format.  

Tip#15: Documentation considerations when receiving unsolicited information and communication from a client's family member(s)
Tip #14: Can I use a client’s preferred name in the social work record?
Tip #13: I work in frontline service delivery. What should I include in my social work documentation?
Tip #12: Client Access to Records - What are some ethical considerations?
Tip #11: What is the link between assessments and documentation?
Tip #10: What are helpful questions to consider when reflecting on social work documentation?
Tip #9: Protecting client information and records when working from home: What are some key considerations for social workers?
Tip #8: Documentation and Interdisciplinary Teams: What are some key considerations for social workers?
Tip #7: What do I need to document when terminating a social work service?
Tip #6:  How should I handle requests for the release of client information?
Tip #5: How do I know if I am recording too much or too little?
Tip #4: What things should I consider in the documentation of informed consent?
Tip #3: What things should I consider pertaining to the documentation of electronic social work services?
Tip #2: Is it appropriate to use abbreviations or acronyms in social work documentation?
Tip #1:  How should social workers respond when a client asks not to record something in their file?