2023 Online Renewal

MyNLCSW.ca will being accepting renewals for the 2023 registration year in mid-January. Current NLCSW registrants and non-practicing members will be notified by email when the online system is opened. The renewal deadline is February 15, 2023 (midnight Island time). A  $50 late fee will be applied to active renewals received after this date. 

NLCSW's Annual Continuing Professional Education (CPE) Policy Information Session will take place on January 20, 2023. Registration for this session is available under the events calendar.  The session will provide an overview of NLCSW's CPE self-reflection tool, detail the range of available CPE resources, and offer a review of the online renewal process. An opportunity for Q&A will also be provided. 

In the lead up to annual renewal, the following are additional resources that you may find helpful:

• The FAQ Registration Renewal Module addresses many of the common inquiries received from registrants and non-practicing members, covering questions related to access, personal information, active registration vs. non-practicing membership, CPE, education, payment, etc.

• The CPE Policy Submenu contains direct links to the full CPE Policy as well as examples and sources of CPE.

• Are you employed by the Department of Children, Seniors, and Social Development? NLCSW offers a comprehensive breakdown of the CPE credits associated with pre-core, core, as well as other CSSD training modules. This document can be accessed at https://nlcsw.ca/continuing-education.

• Are you looking to complete additional CPE prior to renewal? The CPE Events page contains links to archived webinars, self-paced events, an events calendar, and much more.