New Practice Resources

NLCSW continues to lead the way in the development of practice resources. January 2022 saw the release of Beyond Borders: Social Work and Interjurisdictional Electronic Practice. There are now 2 additional new releases to add to the list:

Ethical Compass Issue #16: Addressing Conflicts in Values & Beliefs in Social Work Practice: “Social workers practice with integrity and professionalism and ensure that clients receive the highest quality services, but what happens when values and/or beliefs conflict?” The February 2022 edition of the Ethical Compass explores that very question.

Documentation Matters Tip #10: What are helpful questions to consider when reflecting on social work documentation?: As detailed in NLCSW’s Standards of Practice, the primary purpose of documentation is to provide a clear statement of social work assessment, intervention, and professional decision-making. The latest edition of Documentation Matters poses questions social workers may find helpful when reflecting on documentation practices.