New Practice Resources

NLCSW continues to lead the way in the development of practice resources. January 2022 saw the release of Beyond Borders: Social Work and Interjurisdictional Electronic Practice. There are now 8 additional new releases to add to the list:

  • Ethical Compass Issue #18: Preventing Ethical Drift in Social Work Practice: "The concept of ethical drift is explored in professional literature and refers to an erosion of ethical behaviour that may go unnoticed by the professional and justified as acceptable, all the while believing the ethical standard is maintained ' - The September edition of the Ethical Compass explores strategies to prevent ethical drift and maintain ethical practice. 
  • Health and Social Policy Advocacy Guideline Document for Social Workers: This document highlights how social workers can contribute to the development and enhancement of health and social policy through professional advocacy, emphasizes the importance of the social determinants of health, and explores some of the ethical considerations. Examples of how to become involved in health and social policy advocacy is also included.