Social Work Month 2022

Social Work Month Poster
2022 Social Work Month Poster

In Critical Demand – Social Work is Essential – This year’s theme continues to represent the essential work of social workers by highlighting the essential services the profession provides in areas such as mental health, housing, seniors care, etc. Social workers continue to advocate for services and supports (e.g., basic income, social workers in schools) to enhance the health and well-being of individuals, families and communities across the social determinants of health. 

In recognition of Social Work Month, NLCSW Board Chair Cheryl Mallard released the following message:

NLCSW Board Chair Cheryl Mallard
Board Chair
Cheryl Mallard
Social workers throughout Newfoundland and Labrador provide important and essential social work services. With over 1600 social workers employed in diverse areas of practice including mental health and addictions, child protection, health care, long term care, justice, community programming, policy development, and private practice, social workers are truly making a positive impact on the lives of individuals, families, groups, organizations, and communities. The crucial and vital need for social work services is reflected in the theme for National Social Work Month 2022: In Critical Demand – Social Work is Essential.

We are two years into the COVID-19 global pandemic, and it continues to challenge us personally and professionally. However, despite the difficulty of the past two years, social workers have worked diligently, creatively, and professionally to ensure that people had access to the services and supports they needed. As a profession we know that COVID exacerbated many of the issues people were dealing with prior to the pandemic including mental health issues, addictions, eating disorders, housing and homelessness, partner violence, child abuse, poverty, and social isolation to name a few. Social workers remained on the frontlines to ensure that people had access to essential services and programs, which included virtual and in-person service delivery. As a Registered Social Worker (RSW) I remain incredibly proud of the exceptional work of my social work colleagues and for their unwavering dedication and commitment to the people of the province and our profession.

Social Work Month is a time for us to recognize the social work profession and the essential services provided by social workers. Social workers are highly skilled and competent practitioners. Whether their work involves direct counselling or therapy, the management of social programs, or advocacy in the pursuit of social justice, social workers continue to promote the values of the social work profession and strive to make a positive impact across the social determinants of health. Social workers are truly leaders in our health and social systems.

As we enter Social Work Month, I want to take the time to acknowledge and thank the RSW’s who facilitate continuing professional education for their colleagues in celebration of the month and throughout the year. It is important that we celebrate and promote the knowledge, skills and expertise of social workers while continuing to foster and embrace an environment of inquiry, reflection, and continued learning. This is important in ensuring that people continue to receive high quality social work services.

As Chair of the Newfoundland and Labrador College of Social Workers, I continue to wear my RSW with great pride and I encourage all social workers throughout Newfoundland and Labrador to find ways over the next month to celebrate and promote our wonderful profession. It is through our sustained leadership that social workers will continue to provide crucial and essential services to promote the health and well-being of the people with whom we work. It is an honour to be on this journey with you.

Happy Social Work Month!

NLCSW is hosting a series of professional education webinars that will be accessible to all social workers in celebration of social work month. Registration links can be accessed under the NLCSW events calendar. These webinars not only provide valuable education; they also highlight the knowledge and expertise of social workers in NL. We encourage you to take in as many of these webinars as possible. However, as always, if you cannot attend on the day of the webinar, a recording will be made available on the NLCSW YouTube Channel for future viewing.  

In addition to continuing education opportunities, the following list offers more ideas for celebrating and recognizing Social Work Month and the profession:

  • Follow us on Twitter (@NLCSWca) to stay connected. Tag us in your Social Work Month tweets and photos. We encourage you to also use the hashtags #NationalSocialWorkMonth and/or #SocialWorkIsEssential to share your message with a larger audience.
  • Add the social work month theme to your electronic email signature during the month of March.
  • Write an article for a local newspaper or agency highlighting the social work profession.
  • Donate to a local or provincial cause (pay it forward).

The Canadian Association of Social Workers (CASW) has also launched their 2022 National Social Work Campaign.  Check out the following links:

  • National Webinars.  CASW has an amazing lineup of webinars which will be taking place throughout the month.
  • This microsite has been developed for National Social Work Month and details ways to celebrate, participate, and share in all that is happening throughout the month.
  • This contest page has 8 prizes available of $250 and will also feature the stories of participants who share why they are In Critical Demand.