Update My CPE - Streamlined Version for 2022

NLCSW encourages all registrants to track completed continuing professional education (CPE) credits using the Update My CPE feature available through MyNLCSW.ca.  A streamlined version has been released as part of 2022 renewal.  This version will transfer over all CPE details, regardless if tracking is done based on calendar or registration year.

New to this feature or need a refresher? Follow these easy steps:

• Log into MyNLCSW.ca and access Update My CPE directly on the Welcome page.

• Record

  • event completion date,
  • category (see NLCSW’s CPE Policy for a breakdown of required and elective categories),
  • event title, and
  •  the number of credit hours associated with the event.

• During annual renewal, use the transfer button located on the CPE step to transfer over all CPE recorded under the Update My CPE feature.

• At the time of transfer, the Update My CPE feature will be wiped and members can proceed to start tracking CPE for the next registration year.

• Any member wishing to retain a copy of their CPE record can use the print option available under Update My CPE prior to using the transfer button.