Transforming the Field Education Landscape (TFEL) and MUN School of Social Work Roundtable Discussion: Promising, Wise, and Innovative Practices in Field Education

Event Time
10:00 am - 12 noon (Newfoundland time)
Event Location
In-person (Provincial Learning Centre 77 Charter Avenue St. John's) or Online

The TFEL project, in partnership with the Memorial University School of Social Work field education team, invites MUNL field instructors and agency mentors to join in-person and online to learn about promising, wise, and innovative practices in field education. The facilitators will share key findings from the TFEL research, focusing on the following inventories of promising, wise, and innovative practices:

Category 1: Facilitating multiple partnerships and collaborations

Category 2: Creating new and innovative field placements

Category 3: Sharing unique practices for field supervision

Category 4: Accreditation body and policy

Category 5: Valuing open-mindedness and flexibility about practicum placements

Category 6: Using technology in field education

Category 7: Macro-level placements

Category 8: Incorporating Indigenous & wise practices

We invite participant sharing and discussion about the study’s findings, and provide opportunities for questions, critique, feedback, affirmation, and collaboration.

Refreshments are provided onsite.

Registration: Please register as either an in-person or online participant before 12 noon NST on Monday November 21. Registration details available by clicking here.