Psychwire Online Training: Motivational Interviewing Foundational

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This training is designed for health and mental health professionals. Topics covered during the 10 hours/6 weeks of training will include:

  • Identify and recognize key components of Motivational Interviewing (MI)
  • Use person-centered “OARS” skills to engage clients in treatment
  • Negotiate clear goals (focus) of treatment
  • Evoke clients’ own motivations for change, using questions, reflections, and summaries selectively to facilitate change
  • Form reflective listening responses as statements rather than questions
  • Recognize aspects of client speech that indicate whether a session is headed in the right (or wrong) direction
  • Use MI skills and strategies to increase client confidence
  • Avoid responses such as persuasion that elicit client resistance
  • Explain how different strategies are appropriate when a clinician’s goal is to remain neutral

More information is available by clicking here.