Continuing professional education (CPE) is an ongoing process through which professional proficiency is maintained and professional knowledge and skills are increased. The completion of CPE is a regulatory requirement, as outlined in the Social Workers Act and NLCSW’s Standards of Practice.  It is also an ethical responsibility as detailed in the Canadian Association of Social Workers (CASW) Code of Ethics, Values and Guiding Principles.

NLCSW’s CPE Policy outlines annual CPE requirements. Requirements may be met through participation in activities provided by the NLCSW and/or external providers. A minimum number of learning hours must be completed each registration year and submitted as part of annual renewal. Random CPE audits are conducted as part of annual renewal to confirm compliance.

Additional Resources
  • CPE Self Assessment Tool: This document is intended to assist registered social workers reflect on choices for CPE that advance social work competencies and considers the unique needs of the social work professional.
  • CPE Policy Addendum: This document is intended to assist RSWs record CPE credits for renewal by providing examples under each of the credit categories.
  • MYNLCSW Update My CPE Tool: This recording tool provides an easy way to track, and record completed CPE during the registration year. During annual renewal, recorded details can be transferred as part of the CPE step.
  • CPE FAQ: The FAQ module for registration renewal has a section dedicated to CPE and addresses many of the common inquires received by NLCSW staff.
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