Practice Resources - Make These Part of your Everyday Social Work Toolkit!

NLCSW has a wealth of practice resources available to social workers.  Members can easily access the full range of resources under the practice resources menu.  

New Releases



The following documents continue to serve as great resources for members and were recently updated to remain current with legislative changes and reflect NLCSW’s name change and practice standards:

  • Informed Consent with Children & Youth: Practice Guidelines for Social Work: As a guideline document, this resource is targeted to social workers who provide services to children and youth as it relates to informed consent, confidentiality, and decision-making.
  • Self-Assessment Tools for Informed Consent & Documentation: As an initiative of the NLCSW Ethics Committee, this interpretative document provides checklists that social workers can use to reflect on and evaluate their practices pertaining to informed consent and documentation and identify areas for continuing professional education.
  • Medical Assistance in Dying (MAID): What Social Workers Need to Know: This guideline document details the social work role in relation to MAID, the need for ongoing continuing professional education and much more. The updated document reflects changes stemming from Bill C-7.
  • Technology Use in Social Work Practice Explanatory Document: Since its original release in 2012, technology use in social work practice has continued to expand with virtual care becoming an essential component of service delivery throughout the COVID-19 pandemic.  NLCSW's Technology Use in Social Work Practice was recently revised to reflect its standing as a companion document to NLCSW's Standards of Practice.  Other key revisions included a new best practice pertaining to respect and professionalism, more guidance pertaining to the use of technology to advance social justice, advocacy, and political action and additional content throughout the document for clarity and enhanced guidance based on the standards and ethical guidelines.