NLCSW is established by provincial legislation to regulate the practice of social work in Newfoundland and Labrador (NL).  Registrants with NLCSW must meet registration and renewal requirements, adhere to a code of ethics and standards of practice, and engage in ongoing continuing education.

Social work employers play an important role, working with NLCSW and social work employees, in protecting the public’s right to receive ethical and professional social work services. Key employer responsibilities include:

  • Confirming and Monitoring Registration: NLCSW’s live public registry  is an essential tool for employers. Use this tool to confirm the registration status of new hires, social work employees returning from leave, and renewing registrants. The tool also provides details regarding any corresponding regulatory actions.
  • Supporting Employees in Meeting Continuing Professional Education (CPE) Requirements: The annual completion of CPE is a regulatory requirement for social workers, as outlined in the Social Workers Act and NLCSW’s Standards of Practice . Supporting the ongoing learning of social work employees conveys the value that employers place on professional development and serves to protect the public’s right to receive social work services from skilled and knowledgeable practitioners.
  • Maintaining Practice Standards: As set out in the legislation, social work employers have a duty to let the NLCSW know when a social worker’s employment is terminated or a partnership is dissolved based on direct knowledge that a social worker has engaged in conduct deserving of sanction. In addition to this duty to report requirement, there may be other circumstances where employers will need to initiate NLCSW’s complaints process. Detailed information regarding this process can be found under the complaints section of the Employers menu.
  • Staying Informed and Engaged: In addition to a dedicated employer menu on the website, NLCSW offers a quarterly Employer Update, designed to provide valuable information and resources applicable to social work employers.  Request to join the Employer Update distribution list by emailing Education regarding NLCSW’s Complaints Process is available to employers and can be arranged by contacting NLCSW’s Associate Registrar.
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