Electronic Practice

Information for Registered Social Workers from other Canadian jurisdictions

This menu provides information for registered social workers (RSWs) from other Canadian jurisdictions who intend to engage in electronic social work practice with residents of Newfoundland and Labrador (NL) A resident is defined as a person who is lawfully entitled to be in or to remain in Canada, makes his or her home in the province, and is ordinarily present in the province but does not include a tourist, transient or visitor to the province. 


Electronic social work servicesis defined by the Association of Social Work Boards (ASWB) Model Regulatory Standards for Technology and Social Work Practice as the use of computers (including the Internet, social media, online chat, text, and email) and other electronic means (such as smartphones, landline telephones, and video technology) to (a) provide information to the public, (b) deliver social work services to clients, (c) communicate with clients, (d) manage confidential information and case records, (e) store and access information about clients, and (f) arrange payment for professional services. 

Legislation, Code, & Standards
Electronic Practice Approval Process

RSWs from other Canadian jurisdictions must be issued an approval by NLCSW prior to engaging in electronic social practice with residents of NL. 

Approval Process
  1. Submit a completed declaration form.
  2. Submit a completed verification of registration form.
  3. Ensure current professional liability insurance policies provide adequate coverage for electronic social work practice in NL.
    Submit proof of coverage.
  4. Pay required fees:
    • $100 non-refundable application processing fee
    • $150 approval fee.

    The fees can be paid via credit card, using NLCSW’s Credit Card Payment Form.

Once all the required information has been received and reviewed by NLCSW, applicants will receive a status update via email.

Approval expires annually on February 28. The annual renewal fee is $150.

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