Before Filing

As the regulatory body for social work in Newfoundland and Labrador, NLCSW operates in the public interest, to ensure members of the public are receiving social work services from skilled, ethical, and qualified practitioners. When a member of the public has a concern regarding a social worker’s professional conduct, an individual can make a complaint through NLCSW’s complaints process.

Before filing a formal complaint, if possible, discuss your concern(s) directly with the social worker or their employer. This is often the most direct way to resolve the matter.

If your concern(s) are not resolved, you may wish to file a formal complaint with NLCSW. NLCSW’s public menu has a complaints section, specifically designed to provide members of the public with an overview of the process while addressing many common inquiries. If you are an employer or social worker, please refer to the complaints section contained under the corresponding menus. NLCSW’s Associate Registrar is also available to discuss next steps. This staff person coordinates all aspects of NLCSW’s Complaints process. Contact NLCSW’s Associate Registrar by phone (709-753-0200 ext. 202) or email (

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