Video Series

The Showcasing Social Work Video Series, recorded by registered social workers (RSWs), is designed to capture the scope of the social work profession as well as the essential services provided by social workers throughout the province.  

  • Video 1: RSW Vanessa McEntegart shares who inspires and motivates her in practice and why she is proud to be social worker.;
  • Video 2: RSW Allison Feehan highlights skills and interventions she uses in practice with children and families and why social work is essential.
  • Video 3: RSW Kim Kelly speaks to the essential role social workers play in the practice area of education.
  • Video 4: Using examples from her own career, RSW Kristen Hynes places a spotlight on the diverse range of practice settings social workers are employed. 
  • Video 5: RSW Mary Williams highlights a theoretical approach she uses in providing essential mental health services. 
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