Private Practice

This menu provides information for registered social workers (RSWs) in Newfoundland and Labrador (NL) engaged in private practice. If offering services electronically, please also review the Electronic Practice menu 


Private practice is defined as the provision of social work services, on a full time or part time basis, by a RSW who is self-employed, a member of a partnership/group practice, or independent contractor. Social workers in private practice are autonomous and responsible for the quality of social work services and ensuring compliance with the legislation, code of ethics and standards of practice. Services in private practice are provided on a fee for service model that is mutually agreed to by a client or third party (i.e., insurance company, employee assistance program, organization) or as set out in a contract.

Professional Liability Insurance – A Requirement

RSWs in NL engaged in private practice must maintain professional liability insurance. The BMS Liability Insurance Program is available exclusively to members of the CASW, including NLCSW registrants. 

Private Practice Resource Guide – An Essential Resource

Private practice is a professional and business venture. In response to common inquires from registrants, NLCSW developed a comprehensive guide detailing the many ethical and professional practice considerations that must be considered in relation to this area of practice. 

Voluntary Private Practice Roster

NLCSW offers a voluntary roster for private practitioners. As it is voluntary, RSWs in NL can engage in private practice without being on the roster. Individuals seeking a private practitioner can access the roster under the public menu. 

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